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Trade Secret Protection | A view from the EU, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands and Industry

Trade Secret Protection | A view from the EU, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands and Industry

Programme information

This programme is designed to highlight the importance of trade secrets for commercial businesses. It will identify and consider the main legal rules in key European jurisdictions, focusing on changes introduced by the EU Trade Secrets Directive.

It will provide practical guidance on issues such as:

  • Practical steps to protect trade secrets – externally and internally – in light of the “reasonable steps” requirement in the Directive;
  • The requirements for proving an action to protect trade secrets in key European jurisdictions;
  • Evidential requirements;
  • Procedures to protect trade secrets during litigation – confidentiality clubs; in camera hearings; redacted judgments;
  • The availability of interim and final remedies;
  • Employment issues including: lawful restrictions on employees and their use of their own skill and experience (“know how”) – restrictive covenants; injunctions against former employees;
  • The use of NDAs and other transactional arrangements for the disclosure and licensing of trade secrets

Why this programme

  • Emphasis on practical self-help and protective measures
  • Specific focus on the Directive and national implementation
  • Emphasis on early stage measures – obtaining evidence; search and seizure of incriminating evidence imaging orders etc.
  • Country-based expertise


This programme is designed for legal practitioners, government officials, academic lawyers, policy makers, business executives responsible for commercial security and others concerned with the protection of valuable intangible business assets.

Prior knowledge of intellectual property is not a requirement to attend this programme.

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