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The second of our newly-established executive education programmes with The Centre for Commercial Law Studies (Queen Mary University of London) offers a two-day programe on FinTech. Covering the core FinTech issues of law, regulation and international standards, this course is of critical importance to those interested in the legal side of FinTech. The course once again, brings together two academic institutions with an outstanding reputation in commercial law.

Technology advances at high speed in all aspects of life but with expenditure on computing being one of the highest priorities within financial industry budgets, getting financial regulation right is vitalfor all businesses. In a evolving market, it is crucial for those practicing in the financial services sector to remain up to date to ensure the best legal advice can be given. This course will provide participants with the tools to build knowhow on the core FinTech issues of law, regulation and international standards.

During the course you can expect:

  • Cutting-edge coverage of topics within technology
  • Analysis on the different strands of financial regulation and technology
  • Summaries on the essence of complex topics, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, intellectual property and quantum computing
  • Highlights from the key case law, regulation, authoritative financial services regulator guidance and international standards governing these specific themes

Why this programme

  • New ways of thinking to perform more effectively in solving FinTech issues
  • An international perspective
  • Insights into the different and same treatment of FinTech regulatory issues in the EU and the UK
  • Tools to reduce the time spent analysing complex legal and compliance problems
  • Unique networking opportunities with practitioners in the field 


This programme is designed for legal practitioners, government officials, academic lawyers, policy makers, business executives responsible for commercial security and others concerned with the protection of valuable intangible business assets.

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